Tier 1 – Geotagging



Number of People: 1+
Basic Skill List: Photography, technical capability, time management, working to a brief, meeting project deadlines.

Extra Skills: map-reading, ability to follow directions, research, sound recording, drawing, or other data collection, Photoshop, Audition or Logic Pro, web skills, Powerpoint or Prezi, After Effects, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, jQuery.

What skills are needed to create a project of this level?
For this project you will need one participant.

The level of skill the individual taking part will need depends on the aims of the project. However, there are some fundamental skills. They need to be technically-minded enough to operate a smartphone or GPS device, and they will need basic skills in photography.

If the geotagging project is taking place in an area unfamiliar to the participant, then map-reading skills or the ability to follow directions may be necessary.

The participant is likely to need research skills in order to plan their route and decide what they want to gather on their geotagging trips. They may also need sound recording, drawing, or other data collection skills if they wish to use these to supplement their photographic geotagging. You can use apps like AudioBoo to take pictures and record sounds at once.

Once the geotagged data is collected, the participant must do something with it. They may want to edit photographs in Photoshop and adjust sound recordings in Audition or Logic Pro.  When it comes to displaying the data, the participant may choose to use a basic web service like Flickr (which requires only basic web skills</b>) or they may want to something more in depth – preparing a presentation, using Powerpoint or Prezi, producing an animation in After Effects, or building a website (requiring HTML/CSS/JavaScript and possibly a JavaScript library like jQuery).

Since the participant is working alone, they will need strong time management skills. They will also need to be capable of working to a brief and meeting project deadlines.