Accessing the command line terminal

At some point while using this machine it is likely that you may have to use the command line interface to the machine. We have tried to keep this to an absolute minimum however for example there is one step during config- uration that you will need to delete a file. To access the command line we use a thing called SSH. You can use a web based SSH shell using the Google Chrome browser if you get really stuck but it’s best to use the below methods.


To access a command line in windows probably the easiest way is to install the Git package. Git happens to bundle a shell which includes the same SSH client used in Mac and Linux. Download and install it from here:

Once it is downloaded and installed you need to open the new program called “git bash”. Once you click this it will open a black window.

You are all set up now, See Section (Making the connection)


On a Mac navigate to /Applications/Utilities and open Terminal.

You are all set up now, See Section (Making the connection)


On Linux press Alt-F2 and then type terminal.

You are all set up now, See Section (Making the connection)

Making the connection

To make the connection to the machine, you will need to know:

  • Your hostname — Mine is “” but replace yours with “”
  • Username — ca-admin
  • Password — (Password Redacted. Contact KWMC For password)

Type into the terminal window:

Hit enter. You will now be prompted to type a password. Type this in (You will not see the characters on screen) and hit enter. You should be seeing something similar to this:

You are now logged into the command line interface. You can now issue commands by typing the command and pressing enter. as an example type:

To exit type:

A good place to go for help for basic Linux/Unix help is here: