Configuring Services

Sections have been marked Mandatory and Optional. These steps need to be completed to get a working, secure open data toolkit working in your environment.

As a lot of automation has been carried out on the Machine many of the required steps are not required any longer. For the manual instructions on how to configure the Hostname(Domain Name) to be static, and how to update the WordPress database so it is fully moved from the old hostname check out the Appendices.

Updating passwords — Mandatory

As all machines shipping from KWMC begin life with the same password we must as a matter of urgency change the password used by the services in the machine. Luckily we have made a script to make this as easy as possible for you. We will need to use the terminal to access the machine. To find out how to do this see Section 4.1.

Login to the machine and execute the following script:

You will be prompted to enter the previous password. This is (Password Redacted. Contact for password). You will then be prompted to type your new password twice. You will not see any of the passwords as you enter them. Good practise is to use a password greater than 8 characters and with a number and capitals. The script may give an error if the password is too short.

If you are an advanced user and wish to change individual component passwords run:

for a list of options and usage information.

Setting a static IP and Hostname — Optional

This is no longer a mandatory step as the machine works with a dynamic address. It is however recommended if you wish to have a single active link to your data toolkit.

For manual configuration instructions see section B in appendices

WordPress Hostname update — Optional

This is handled by a startup script in /etc/init/wordpress.conf

For manual configuration instructions see section C in appendices