What is the Data Toolkit?

Welcome to the Knowle West Media Centre's Data Toolkit, an online resource for arts organisations who want to work with young people on creative data projects. The Data Tookit is a collection of useful information and tools to help you to kick-start your own data project. This toolkit was produced by 7 Junior Digital Producers, freelance artists, coders and facilitators supported by the University of the West of England and IBM.

The Toolkit includes basic project planning advice, information about the blogging platform Wordpress and more advanced guidance such as cataloguing your own data feeds with the CKAN portal!

What is a data project?

Data means “facts and statistics collected together for reference or analysis.” A data project involves collecting, using and visualising data e.g. collating survey answers in a fun way. Data is everywhere; the fun part is working out what you can do with it.

At KWMC, our projects centered on how to use data and art to encourage active citizenship in our community. Your aim may be different, but the methods you use will be similar.

How does this benefit Arts Organisations?

  • The ways that data can be used (and misused) have made global headlines; combining art and data can gain lots of attention.
  • Arts organisations generate information, such as audience numbers. Data projects can be used to collect this data in interesting ways.
  • Data projects are a great way of engaging with young people. Young people can bring a fresh perspective and are often capable of learning new skills very quickly, making them ideal for the projects in this toolkit.

People are speculating that data is to be the new oil. Investing in data arts now can go towards shaping the future.